Technical Troubles? It might be time for an update …

Even if you’ve never had a WordPress site of your own, you’ve definitely used one at least once (actually, probably dozens and dozens of times). And although the individual technical improvements may not have been obvious day-by-day, these WordPress sites have come a long way since the platform first launched back in 2003.

Extensive improvements in functionality and design have made everything from basic navigation and page scrolling to customized shopping carts a breeze to use. This is largely because WordPress is constantly being improved upon with code contributions from developers all over the world. This open source model has resulted in a significantly improved user experience for consumers … but if poorly managed, can quickly become a big headache for the small business owner running his/her company website.

Here’s the thing: WordPress updates occur frequently, and sometimes new versions create a little chaos behind the scenes. Occasionally, plugins won’t play nicely with an upgraded CMS, files are corrupted, or worst of all, the white screen of death appears (really bad news).

If you’re not a developer, have limited knowledge of (or experience with) cPanel, and have absolutely no idea how make a backup of your site and database files, these occasional issues can become a BIG problem.

When we build websites for clients, we always offer full support to address those little quirks in the code. You won’t have to worry about update issues, because you won’t have any! And whether we built your site from scratch, or just helped to get your older site back on track, you can count on us to keep it running smoothly for a good long time.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

You can check website updates off your to-do list. We’ve got you covered.