There are lots of reasons to implement a strong Local SEO strategy for your business:

  • Your competitors are hogging the spotlight.
  • You need more foot traffic in your brick and mortar store.
  • The summer intern made a big mess and you need help cleaning it up.

Whatever the reason, we understand. Local SEO has never been more important, and unfortunately never more complicated …

Here’s the deal: in the last few years, the popularity of mobile search has skyrocketed; so much so in fact, that Google now favors mobile-friendly sites in search results … and what are people looking for? Here’s a hint: it’s not 2,500 word blog posts they have to zoom and scroll through with their thumbs on a tiny screen. They want info for YOUR store, office, restaurant, club, school, etc. Maybe they want a phone number, or perhaps directions to your location, possibly even a review or two … but whatever the case, these days, on-the-go folks are looking for your business, so it’s no surprise that local SEO services are in such high demand.

If it were really easy to setup and manage local listings, everyone would get it right the first time. But that just isn’t the case. Reports from Yext, FourSquare and Yelp suggest that as much as 43% of online business listings are WRONG!

“The problem is bad. A Yext survey of 2,719 locations found a total of 40,607 duplicate listings, or an average of 14.93 per location.Yext

Yikes. If your customers are looking for you, they really should get accurate information … right? We think so, and we’re happy to help your business shine (even on those tiny phone screens).

Local SEO

Local Citations

Geo-targeted local SEO involves claiming business listings across a variety of relevant platforms and directories, optimizing citations (and correcting inaccurate ones), and local link building. We do it all!

Content Development

No two businesses are alike … well, not when it comes to locations anyway. We’ll develop unique, geo-targeted content to promote your business and get you noticed by local customers.

Customer Reviews

You know you’re the best in the business, but does anyone else? Online reviews can be a great help to attract potential customers and drive sales, and we can help you get them.