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Over the years, we’ve come across a few favorite services, tools and products that we just can’t get enough of. To be clear: we’re not affiliated with any of these companies, and we’re not paid to talk about how awesome they are (sadly), but they really are great. If you’re looking for just that perfect thing to get the job done right, you might very well find it on this page. We’ll be updating this list from time to time, so check back often … and if you have any products or services you’d recommend we try, please let us know! We always love to try out new stuff.

Teux Deux

Dear Teux Deux: we don’t know what we would deux without yeux. Quite simply, you’re just the best at keeping us on track and on top of things. Thank yeux!


Sendible saves the day … every day. It’s our number one go-to solution for social media management. It supports every social platform, has a seamless interface, and couldn’t be easier to use.


Nobody does business cards like MOO. We’ve ordered from a few other places over the years, but the quality is never the same. If you’re looking for cards (or other print items) that make a statement, you’ll find them here.

Font Ninja

We love fonts and ninjas, so we had to try this Chrome Extension … and just as expected, we love it. Ever been to a site with a really awesome font and you just couldn’t figure out what it was? Font Ninja to the rescue … problem solved.


Remember back when Delicious was still cool? It was a sad day when the original version went offline. Thankfully we found Pocket to use instead and it’s even more awesome than we expected. Save and organize everything you love on the web and access it all from any device.


We’ve just recently added Streak to the mix of favorite things. It’s a pretty nifty little CRM application that lives neatly inside your email and quietly keeps track of everything behind the scenes. If you’re sick of fancy CRMs that cost a fortune, you might give this one a go – it’s totally free and works like a champ!

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