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JADE Interactive

JADE Interactive was founded in 2005 as a consulting firm built to support traditional design agencies transitioning from print media into web-based marketing and advertising. Back then, the company was called Jade Online Media, LLC and our primary focus was business development for the agencies we represented. Over the years, the company has evolved into a full-service agency all its own. We specialize in WordPress development and Search Engine Marketing for small to mid-size businesses across the US & Canada.

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What we’re all about.

Over the years, we’ve met small business owners in all sorts of industries who have struggled through the process of building their business on the web all by themselves. A few have managed to pull it off … and we’ll admit, we’re pretty impressed (it’s not that easy). But more often than not, the process of building and maintaining a successful web presence is a complicated, confusing puzzle most business owners just don’t have time to solve. And sadly, more often than not, things get ugly pretty fast …

There are all sorts of service providers out there offering quick and easy “do-it-yourself” website templates, free social media marketing services, and off-the-shelf marketing solutions. You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV. Maybe you’ve even sampled some of these “solutions” … in which case, please stop and call us immediately. YIKES.

It’s a common misconception that these quick fix solutions will save time and money, but that’s never the case. We’ve met countless business owners who have purchased an ugly template website under the misguided assumption that having something up and running was better than not having a website at all. But even IF customers can find it, they certainly aren’t impressed with what they see, and inevitably, these same businesses are reluctantly forced to start spending money on paid search advertising in a last ditch effort to buy customers and sell products. So much for saving money with a quick fix!

Sound familiar? We hear stories just like this ALL THE TIME. They almost always end the same: the entire marketing budget was spent in a rush on paid search ads and social media promotions without any planning … and they produced ZERO return. Wish we could say we were surprised, but we’re not.

The truth is there are many steps involved in building a successful web presence. It takes time, patience, and usually, many cups pots of coffee.

At JADE Interactive, we help our clients create a solid foundation for successful growth without inflated retainers, wasteful ad buys, or ugly template solutions.

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By now you’ve probably figured out that we really love what we do. We’re proud to design custom web solutions that help our clients get noticed. Whether you have a website that just isn’t working, need help with content development, a solid search engine marketing plan, or just want to make some new friends, we’d really like to talk to you.